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Exactly …

Hévíz, Hungary

(Re)sensing Water

there it is, out my window
the liquid surrounds me
above and below
just a few months ago


Hévíz, Hungary

This image appears in Magyar Tenger Online.

3 Rings

Hévíz Lake, Hévíz, Hungary

Floating in thermal water …

Treatment Translation

Hévíz, Hungary

This image also appears in Spas Baths Hot Springs.
For background details, visit Living ?s.

Room 715

Hévíz, Hungary

My view, every morning at 4am …

Days of Green + Blue

Hévíz, Hungary

Mail Box

Somewhere in Hungary
It was either Budapest, Hévíz, or Keszthely.
Don’t recall exactly where …

This image is published in BluePrintReview #30.
Some notes of the process here.

Somewhere in Hungary

Either Budapest, Hévíz, or KeszthelyI don’t recall where.

This image is included in the PhotoSunday challenge: Vertical

View 1 > Hévíz

Out my window each morning
steam greets the horizon
hear a bird sing in
pink and violet.


If you click the link above, you will hear, and see, a bird who sang for me in this Hungarian spa town. Two years have passed, yet even at a distance, the aural and visual sensations stay with me — just as
this bird chorus has.

View 2 – Hévíz

Out my window each morning
steam lifts through the forest
hear the birds sing
in green and orange.


If you click the link above, you’ll see video of this view, and hear the birds I heard sing their tunes. Two years have passed, yet even at a distance, the aural and visual sensations stay with me — just as this serenading song bird has.


This image is included in the PhotoSunday Challenge: Abstract

Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz, Hévíz, Hungary

My memory of this place never disappears, although with time, the colors fade to grey and white.

For a MicroMoment video of this mineral-rich thermal lake, go here.

Liquid Devotion

Lake Hévíz, Hévíz, Hungary

This is my brother. He’s absorbing minerals through his skin in Hungary’s thermal Lake Hévíz.

Last year, two of my Lake Hévíz images went live in elimae — a literary journal.

This year, my videopoem inspired by the lake appeared in Referential Magazine and Moving Poems.