Images by Karyn Eisler




Keszthely, Hungary
In a pond behind Fesztetics Castle.

This image is published in BluePrintReview #30.
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Kis-Balaton Bubbles

KisBalaton, Zala, Hungary

This image brings back memories of May 2011. It was my first visit to Kis-Balaton—a protected wetland habitat in SW Hungary. I’d expressed interest in visiting this place, and friends who live in the area agreed to take me. They said the best time to go is at sunset. We made it just before day’s end.

This image is included in PhotoFridayDay’s End. It is also included in PhotoSundayEvening.

Liquid Abundance

Italian Gardens, Hastings Park
East Vancouver, British Columbia

Waterfall 1

Italian Gardens, Hastings Park.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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