Images by Karyn Eisler

To the Homeland

Never did catch the price. Was curious, though. I was walking down a Budapest street, late at night, a couple of years ago.

4 responses

  1. Best Friend Price I’m sure. What were you doing in Budapest?

    04/21/2012 at 00:05

    • Hanging out in my favorite places: The Spas!

      04/21/2012 at 00:09

      • I just went your link about the Spas in Budapest. Amazing! Are they expensive? Where did you travel from and where did you land/stay? Do you have any recommendations? Seriously, that looks fantastic and I would love to try them out. I didn’t even know that these kinds of things existed. Thanks for any advice you can give. Cheers

        04/21/2012 at 00:20

  2. Actually, I’ll direct you to my spa tumblr:

    On this site, if you keep scrolling down and down and down, you will come across various posts and videos about Hungarian spas. Spas in other parts of the world, also. For me, I fly from Vancouver, Canada to Budapest, Hungary. There are many spas in that city. In fact, one of the very first posts on my spa tumblr is a video about Budapest spas — Budapest is known as ‘Spa Capital of the World’. The city spas are open to the public. In Canadian currency, not so expensive. The flight isn’t cheap, though …

    04/21/2012 at 00:31

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